4A's Strategy Festival Workshop Descriptions
October 7, 2014

Brainstorming and Facilitation Workshop

How to facilitate inspirational brainstorming and generate fresh creative thinking

We often hear that great ideas can come from anywhere at an agency, from anywhere at the client and even from anywhere across multiple agencies. Because strategic planners are focused on helping teams turn existing knowledge into insight, they are a natural catalyst for generating creative new ideas.

However, planners aren't always trained to get the best out of collaborative brainstorming, often being left to "learn on the job."

On October 7th, join renowned account planner Merry Baskin for this full-day workshop to learn how to lead genuinely exciting and effective brainstorming and ideation sessions for problem-solving, new-product development and strategy development, across a range of team-based scenarios.

Seminar attendees will receive theoretical and practical training and take part in:

  • Planning a brainstorm
  • Gaining the confidence of the group and accepting responsibility as facilitator
  • Enabling an environment where people are able to unlock their creative potential
  • Practicing techniques for eliciting and generating ideas in quantity
  • Achieving a motivated team aligned around their ideas and agreed actions.

Who Should Attend 
This workshop is designed for mid-level strategists and planners at marketing communications and media companies.