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William Charnock


Nockwood Behavioral Archetypes

William Charnock is a well-known member of the planning community in New York.  He was previously co-Head of Strategy at JWT in New York and was the first Global Chief Strategy Officer at R/GA. He was also the chair of the Jay Chiat awards for strategic excellence for 6 consecutive years from 2006-20012. 

Since leaving R/GA in 2014 he has spent most of his time working directly with clients, both big and small, to manage the challenges of bringing brand-ownership and strategic abilities in-house. 

In his consulting work, William realized that the language of ‘brand’ was overly focused on brand image and perception.  Brands are no longer judged only by what they say in communications and there is a myriad of brand-building opportunities that exist beyond marketing. As a result, most CMO’s struggle less with ‘perceptual issues’ and more with managing the brand’s ‘realities’ across different internal silos and across complex ecosystems of products, services and experiences. The absence of appropriate frameworks for brand behaviors, led William to discover a set of ‘behavioral archetypes’ that he uses to inspire and inform brand actions, behaviors and cultures. These archetypes were published in 2016 as a deck of cards (www.nockwoodcards.com) that were designed by Graham Wood, artist, magician, designer, co-founder of Tomato in London and previously Head of Design at JWT.  

Still a big believer in the potential of Advertising, William sits on the Ad Council’s CRC council. He advises many large advertising, design agencies, non-profit organizations and continues on advisory boards for technology businesses and start-ups in NYC and the Hudson Valley.