Marsha Lindsay

Chair + chief strategist

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

Marsha’s expertise is the science of human information processing: how people implicitly gather and absorb information, subconsciously file it in memory structures tagged with functional and emotional relevance. 

When doing research on the psychology of persuasion and behavioral economics (in grad school at the University of Wisconsin Madison) she founded LSB to apply her insights in service to more effective marketing: Demand creation and price desensitization, cued and activated in a way that drives year over year increases in sales, share, margin and brand strength. Years of experience have fostered her firm’s specialty in the successful positioning, platforming, launch and scaling of new brands, new products and innovations of all kinds. Clients she’s served range from the Fortune 100 and multinationals to venture capital-infused start-ups.

Marsha’s findings have been featured at Deloitte’s Think Tank at UC Berkeley, Zurich’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Economic and Social Studies, The World Business Forum in New York City, the IPA’s 2017 Effectiveness Week in London, Columbia University’s Executive MBA program, and the 4A’s 2018 Accelerate Conference. Her foresight has been reported by Investor’s Business Daily, NPR and The New York Times; her advice published in Fast Company, Adobe’s, Forbes, and Ad Age. In 2014, Ad Age named her agency a Small Agency of the Year for its thought leadership and creative prowess.