Learning & Development Opportunities

The 4A's offers numerous educational programs serving the planning and account management communities.You'll find a few examples below. Note: In Q1 2017, we will also be launching a strategy series with a great line-up of thought leaders and topics. Stay tuned to learn more!

Executive Leadership Program

Join the Elite Leaders of the Industry
The 4A’s Executive Leadership Program is an immersive, technology-based strategy simulation that provides a safe space to hone your leadership skills. Learn how decisions impact the viability of the business while building lasting relationships with your peers. 95% of ELP graduates would recommend this program to their colleagues.

Curious to learn more? Watch the video on the right to hear from past ELP participants on the value of the program!

Limited space available in our final ELP of 2016: Boston Nov 15-17

Special thanks to our sponsor, theTradeDesk.

Receive mentoring from some of the most respected voices in women’s equality. The 4A’s Glass Ladder Series is specifically designed to help women advance their own careers.

IPA Foundation Certificate

Last Chance In 2016 to Give Your Young Talent This Critical Foundation
A highly coveted credential, the IPA Foundation certificate provides junior industry talent (1 year and less), regardless of discipline, with the knowledge and expertise to perform their roles with confidence. In our successful Spring 2016 pilot, 191 high potential junior talent from 50 agencies achieved a 94% passing rate.

The fall session of the IPA Foundation Certificate is now open! Enroll by Friday, November 4, 2016 for your chance to take the online exam on Monday, December 5, 2016.

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The 4A's also offers a broad range of other learning and development opportunities.