john roberts

Chief Strategy Officer | Founder

truth collective

Capital One, LensCrafters, Unilever, North American Breweries, Google, Kodak, Diageo, Lufthansa, Vetpharm, Willow…throughout his 30-year career on both sides of the Atlantic, John has worked on international brands, national brands and tiny brands that only mean something to the local customer.

Truth is, they all matter.

5 years ago, John co-founded Rochester, NY-based creative company Truth Collective with a mission to use the power of truth in an advertising industry too often tempted otherwise. The result: a new organizational model focused on head space and productivity and more insightful, powerful communications as creative fuel for business and brands.  It’s a planner’s potential heaven as the agency name suggests. But the gap between promise and delivery is real life – the day to day that has to be overcome with passion, invention, generosity and grit.

As Chief Strategy Officer and chief enthusiast, John is passionate on finding ways for us to help each other, to share and learn and inspire each other so that ‘small agency’ is a headcount not an attitude.