Dionna McPhatter 



Dionna McPhatter is a brilliant behavioral scientist and data analyst whose life story is defying expectations. An African-American basketball all-star from the suburbs of Ohio, Dionna went on to graduate in the top 15% of her class with a B.S. from the U.S. Military Academy, one of less than 1000 black female graduates in history, only to climb the corporate ladder at Procter & Gamble and the later as VP of Insights & Analytics for Reckitt Benckiser helping brands like Lysol, Durex & Mucinex grow. In 2014, she started her first entrepreneurial venture, BLKBOX: a next generation, tech-driven marketing agency with over 100,000 Instagram followers and 30-plus Fortune 500 clients in Manhattan. She is now launching a new company, Nacci, a perfect blend of art & science, bringing the best of storytelling to the world of data science to help brands deliver growth.

In January 2018, Dionna was highlighted as  'One Of The 70 Women Of Color Who Should Be Speaking At Marketing Conferences' in an article by The Drum (Number 26, respectively). She was also recently highlighted in Fast Company and Forbes titled "Why A Visionary West Point Graduate Wants To Save Your Brand” and "I Felt Like I Was Representing Every Black And Young Person.” 

She has spent so much of her life shedding the labels other people would seek to put on her, and Dionna has made it her life's mission to help people understand that your identity is not connected to how other people see you—and that it is not limited to one industry, one role or one niche. Consumers feel misunderstood by brands. Brands feel misunderstood by consumers. And ultimately, we're all misunderstood because we're all too busy trying to put one another in a box. Dionna's passion is to get others to stop with boxes all together.

Dionna is a research junkie and consumer insights expert with an equal love for art, algorithms, and her dog Lola. She is always trying to use her powers for good so check her out on Instagram @dmcphatter or twitter @dphat23 if you’d like to stay connected.