Conference Learning Pack


As an ADDED BONUS to this year’s 4A’s Strategy Festival, we’re offering a Conference Learning Pack of three (3) on-demand courses of the most pressing topics facing industry professionals. You’ll have access to view these courses at your own convenience, before, during and after the conference.

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This conference learning pack can be purchased when you register for your conference ticket.

  • Members: $99.00
  • Non-Members: $199.00

The Conference Learning Pack includes: 

  • Beat The Robots: The Gatekeepers Are Human Too
  • How To Predict The Future
  • A Human-Centered Talent Strategy

Full descriptions below.



Thought Leader: Barry Martin and Jeff Pucillo, Co-Founders of TELL-IGNITE (@TELL-IGNITE)

Whether you are selling a product, an idea, or selling yourself for an opportunity, ultimately the final decision will be made by another human. Stories are the best way to sway decision makers and closing the deal will require the perfect combination of facts and feeling, delivered with impact.

What Will You Learn

  • The many features and characteristics that all great stories have in common
  • How to craft your own stories using the same tools that great writers have used in literature, drama and business
  • How to use stories to persuade and influence audience opinion and behavior


Thought Leader: Heidi Hackemer and Charles Day (@charlesday) 

Why are some companies surging while others are floundering? Why does a campaign win at award shows and why do some people win more often? Why are some leaders able to create competitive advantage while others hold onto the status quo? And are there any downsides to success?  In this particular course, we speak with Heidi Hackemer about how to predict the future - and how to make it successful.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to navigate the highs and lows of business
  • Gain valuable insights from industry leaders
  • Explore real-world stories and techniques


Thought Leaders: Eileen Benwitt and Arthur Woods (@ArthurWoods)

As leaders, we constantly seek the most effective ways to drive performance and meaningful culture in our organizations. Breakthrough research from Imperative has confirmed that the people who will carry culture and drive performance for our organizations are the ones who come to work for more than a paycheck. These employees are driven by purpose. Attracting them, retaining them and helping them realize their potential requires an entirely new approach.  

What Will You Learn

  • How to define purpose and debunk common misconceptions
  • The new high-potential definition of a purpose-oriented employee
  • How to implement relatable performance metrics
  • How to hire, onboard, and develop employees around purpose