4A's Strategy Festival Workshop Descriptions
October 7, 2014

Selecting Outcome-based Marketing Metrics:
The Path to Proving Marketing’s Value

As the pace of marketing transformation accelerates, marketers are tackling the hardest task of all: seizing the role of value creator.  According to the findings from the 13th Annual Marketing Performance  (MPM) Study, conducted by VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA, only a few (1 in 4 marketers) have reached this critical point in the marketing performance journey, regardless of industry, region, or company size. These Best-in-Class (BIC) marketers have cracked the code when it comes to being able to demonstrate to the C-Suite their value, impact, and contribution. These marketers serve a strategic role for market, customer, and product decisions. They focus their efforts on more than pipeline and operational efficiencies;  they are in constant pursuit of market share, customer value, and innovation.

It’s hard work becoming a value creator.  There are no magic pills or silver bullets, so is it worth the effort?  The answer is YES. It’s worth the effort on both the professional and business front. Organizations with BIC marketers experience superior customer value and business growth, and high customer acquisition, share of wallet, win rates and sales pipeline values.  Want to know what it takes to join this elite group? Well Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a day will get you started!

Join Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing  at this year’s Strategy Festival for a jam-packed day devoted to understanding marketing metrics, and how to create a strong chain between campaign activity, output metrics, and business outcomes. Whether for your agency or for your clients, this workshop will provide you with the perspective needed to select metrics that prove marketing’s value.

Workshop Objectives: 

  1. Review what Best-In-Class Marketers do better and differently when it comes to marketing   measurement and performance management (MPM)
  2. Learn the categories of various marketing metrics and how to use them to construct the chain between activities and outcomes
  3. Understand the metrics chains to support the connection of marketing investments and programs with business results
  4. Lay the foundation for your metrics chains and frame up your marketing metrics mosaic