11:00 - 12:30
Concurrent Workshops


Mining Data for Insight

Some of the most powerful strategies are built on an ability to draw insights directly out of data. In this hands-on workshop you will get a chance to work with different kinds of data and understand how to use them intelligently and correctly to create actionable insights on your brands. Some great and effective strategies are based on finding meaning and purpose in a single data point and this is a great way to find out ‘how’.

The workshop is built around a series of specific tasks using real data and you will learn essential precepts, rules and pitfalls to be avoided.

Merry Baskin of Baskin Shark will lead the workshop. An expert practitioner, who has chapter and verse on the use (and abuse of data), Merry is an inspiring and encouraging teacher.

In the workshop she will use case histories and data sets to show:

  • How to spot an insight and how it can help you strategically
  • How to work through data quickly and efficiently 
  • How to guard against drawing rogue conclusions and misinterpreting data
  • How to use (and not use) segmentation 
  • How to understand the principles of statistical significance with some ‘magic tools’ to help you 

This workshop is suitable for you if you are a planner or strategist who isn’t a mathematician and know you could do a lot with the data available to you. It will be fun, fast and super useful.

Craft a story that sells

When presenting a new idea or initiative, the sell is just as important as the initiative itself. A well-crafted and carefully articulated narrative is critical for successful approval and adoption. In this workshop, learn how to present content in the form of convincing stories that your audience will understand, emotionally relate to, and remember. Develop techniques to craft a story arc framework that you can apply to any sell, and take away best practices of how they have been applied to great brands you know and love.

Upside Down // Thinking Asymmetrically to Win the Future

Asymmetry is when things of unequal size, like enemies, allies, ideas, risks, and rewards--interact and transform each other. In our asymmetric world, the smallest government can hack a superpower, and a single twitter account can win the Presidency. Are you thinking asymmetrically?

What you will learn

  • What is Asymmetry and how can you apply it to your thinking? 
  • How to put asymmetry into practice 
  • What is at the intersection of asymmetry and story for brands?