11:00 - 12:30
Concurrent Workshops


Mining Social Media Data for Effective Strategic Insights

There is no shortage of material on the web that offers guidance for measuring social media activities. However, little stands up to robust scrutiny. The metrics are inconsistent, the methods can be misguided, and social strategies are not always linked to overall business and marketing objectives. In 90 minutes you'll get cross industry expert guidance on how to glean and leverage social insight for business success.

This workshop will whet your appetite to learn how to identify, plan and measure campaign returns which lead to a viable ROI. It includes ‘free’ practical guidance downloads. There will be at least one ‘best practice’ case history issued as pre reading homework (and yes, there will be a test). This session is for those involved in planning and reporting on social media activities, and those interested in effectively measuring the results of their (integrated analogue and digital) campaigns. It is not for the passive planner – you will be expected to participate!

Merry Baskin, former Head of Planning at Chiat/Day New York and JWT London, will lead the workshop. An expert planning practitioner who has chapter and verse on the use (and abuse) of data, Merry is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. She doesn’t take prisoners either.

Upside Down // Thinking Asymmetrically to Win the Future

Asymmetry is when things of unequal size, like enemies, allies, ideas, risks, and rewards--interact and transform each other. In our asymmetric world, the smallest government can hack a superpower, and a single twitter account can win the Presidency. Are you thinking asymmetrically?

What you will learn

  • What is Asymmetry and how can you apply it to your thinking? 
  • How to put asymmetry into practice 
  • What is at the intersection of asymmetry and story for brands? 

    The Versatile Planner: Doing More With Less
    Stephanie Bane, Director of Planning, Brunner
    SHAUN QUIGLEY, VP, Digital Practice, BRUNNER

    Small and independent shops typically have to be more nimble in their approach to, well, everything…especially when it comes to planning and strategy. With resources and research budgets at a premium, planners must find new ways to find growth opportunities, meet audience needs and figure out how to provide value in the work and to their clients. And fast.

    This workshop is great for:

    • Planners/strategists at agencies >200 people
    • One or two person strategy “teams”
    • Anyone new to “new” planning

    Stephanie Bane and Shaun Quigley of BRUNNER will lead the workshop and will use exercises, free tools and case studies to show you how to: 

    • Use search and social platforms as proxies to find the source growth opportunities
    • Accelerate the research process using a client’s first party data
    • Build a content strategy like a magazine publisher 
    • Build customer journeys on a shoestring
    • Get clients on the path towards data maturity

    Present like a performer with the UCB
    Chelsea Clarke, Senior Performer and Teacher, The UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE

    Improv comedy teams routinely create funny, engaging performances under pressure and on the fly. In this 90 minute interactive workshop you'll learn the comedy fundamentals that double as professional presentation skills with performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

    It's easy, fun, and you'll leave the session with simple improv principals that will make executing presentations exciting and intuitive.

    • Gain confidence engaging an audience with authenticity
    • Experience how comedians use "Yes, And" to upgrade teamwork 
    • Practice staying in the present and rolling with the unexpected

    The Out-of-Home Revolution: Data & Programmatic - How to Avoid Being Left Behind
    Ken Sahlin, CEO, DOmedia

    Ad agencies are increasingly adopting adtech to automate out-of-home (OOH) media buying and planning. Discover the tools that are helping OOH meet the expectations of digitally-savvy buyers: on-demand access to historical data, integrations with mobile advertising, advanced ratings data, and emerging programmatic tactics and strategies.  

    In this session, you will learn how agencies are leveraging the DOmedia platform and other out-of-home adtech to create campaigns that meet the needs of modern, data-driven brands while eliminating low-value work that puts downward pressure on ROI.

    5 Ways to Succeed in Omnichannel Programmatic
    Tim Smith, Director of Business Development, The Trade Desk
    Madison Linville, Director of Client Services, The Trade Desk

    Madison Linville, Director of Client Services, The Trade Desk
    Learn about the fundamentals of reaching consumers across all media channels in a programmatic environment.