WORKSHOP: Take Your Place at the Head of the Pack:  How to Increase Marketing’s Credibility and Influence 

The pressure on marketing to prove its contribution to the business is not abating.  Did you know that about only 1 in 5 marketing organizations can actually answer this question in terms that matter to the C-Suite? And what’s truly scary, is that the rest of the marketers, Sales Enablers and Campaign Producers, are actually falling farther behind!  What can you do to make sure you take your place at the head of pack?  A Harvard and the Economist Intelligence Unit study conducted with 343 businesses found that the companies who increased their strategic speed improved their top and bottom lines, averaging 40% higher sales and 52% higher operating profits over a three-year period. IBM’s 6th annual study, “Analytics: The speed advantage,” found that speed-driven data and analytics significantly impact business performance. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The three personas of marketers when it comes to performance measurement and management. You’ll have the opportunity to self-assess which persona reflects your organization.
  • The two key ingredients that distinguish BIC marketers. You’ll have the opportunity to examine whether your data and analytics demonstrate your business acumen and customer knowledge.
  • How to alignment and accountability increase your influence and credibility.  You’ll have the opportunity to apply alignment and accountability to an existing marketing plan