Tuesday Morning
10:30 - 12:30
Concurrent Workshops


How Behavioral Science Can Help Make Marketing that Aligns with Human Nature
John KennyChief Strategy OfficerFCB Chicago
Matthew WillcoxExecutive Director, Institute of Decision MakingFCB

Marketing is about influencing choice, and you’ll be more successful if you create a path to choice that aligns with how people naturally choose. In this interactive masterclass, Matthew Willcox and John Kenny will explain how insights from evolutionary psychology, behavioral economics and neuroeconomics can help behaviors you need people to embrace natural and intuitive choices.

Strategy for Storytelling in the Era of Experience Brands
Darren "Daz" McCollGlobal Chief Brand Strategy OfficerSapientNitro

Marketers, technologists, and corporate leaders are always searching for ways to more effectively connect consumers with their brand. But the dynamic between consumers and brands has changed. Consumers today are trusting their experiences and those of others to inform their choices. It the stories of their experiences, that they remember and share on a global scale. As a result, we need to move beyond linear storytelling through ads and marketing campaigns to create ‘experience brands’.
In this workshop we will share an actionable approach to creating immersive Experience Spaces that solve today’s challenge of connecting brands and consumers. We will explore models, tools and 9 tips to drive strategic and creative thought in our complex marketing world.

Darren “Daz” McColl, Chief Brand Strategy Officer of SapientNitro and New York Times Best Seller author will introduce the concept of “Storyscaping” and will share insights, tips and thinking you can take back to work and use. You will walk away with new perspectives on: how strategies can better inspire relevant customer experiences and how to connect experiences to brand stories. This session is for: Intermediate and junior level strategists and marketers. It will involve individual and small group activities.

How to Write an Inspirational Creative Brief
Robin Hafitz, Founder/CEO, Open Mind Strategy

By attending this workshop, planners, account managers, creatives and marketers will gain the knowledge to cut through the jargon and become better partners with your colleagues and clients. Robin will clarify term definitions and walk through a step-by-step process to take your briefs from ordinary to inspirational. Filled with practical, real-world examples, you’ll gain a better guide to crafting the perfect creative brief for your brand.

The Curious Class
Sarah DaVanzoChief Cultural Strategy OfficerSparks & Honey

Strategists by nature are members of The Curious Class, yet most strategists are living in algorithm bubbles and don’t realize their full curiosity potential.  The “Curious Class” is a "playshop" about curiosity, exploration and discovery, designed to awaken curiosity and exercise your “curiosity muscles”, even for insatiably curious strategic planners.

This session will preview content from an upcoming book, co-authored by Sarah DaVanzo, and was part of the NYU ITP Camp 2016 lecture series (with a five star student rating).

You will learn techniques that you can apply to yourself, family and colleagues and to your work, to stimulate curiosity (seeking and discovering behaviors).

  • Trends and cultural forces shaping the rise of The Curious Class of people (why now?)

  • How curiosity is tied to longevity, happiness and success (i.e., survival of the curious), and other great facts about curiosity

  • The evolution of discovery and curiosity through the ages, and across cultures, and its connection to innovation

  • 10 Habits of highly curious people

  • 6 Curiosity Tactics

  • 4 Curiosity Types (like a Meyers-Briggs profile of curiosity)

  • 7 Tricks to increase your CQ (curiosity quotient)

In connection with this, but on a separate day to be announced in the session, Sarah DaVanzo will lead a 4 hour extrasensory excursion (walking tour in NYC) designed to pique curiosity, accompanied by a Curiosity Field Guide (for 4A's participants only).

Learn How The Agency, Sandbox, Delivers Actionable Insight Into Campaign Performance To Their Clients
Chris Harline, Sales Engineer, Domo

Sandbox, a full-service communication agency, builds and delivers campaigns for clients in all digital, social, and mobile media platforms. They needed a way to deliver real-time actionable insight into campaign performance while providing custom reports, visualizing campaign data, and combining data from multiple data sources.

In this session, you will learn how Sandbox, and other agencies, leverage the Domo platform to turn these challenges into opportunities by providing clients with real-time visibility into campaign performance. Sandbox now has the ability to spend more time developing insights and discovering new opportunities for their clients vs. aggregating reports from different media platforms.

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