11:00 - 12:30

How to Write an Inspirational Creative Brief
Robin Hafitz, Founder & CEO, Open Mind Strategy, LLC

By attending this workshop, planners, account managers, creatives and marketers will gain the knowledge to cut through the jargon and become better partners to colleagues and clients as they wade through the options towards distilling a powerful, inspirational creative brief. Robin will walk through a step-by-step process to take briefs from ordinary to inspirational. Filled with practical, real-world examples, this workshop provides a guide to crafting a powerful creative brief for your brand.

Craft a story to sell Your Idea

When presenting a new idea or initiative, the sell is just as important as the initiative itself. A well-crafted and carefully articulated narrative is critical for successful approval and adoption. In this workshop, learn how to present content in the form of convincing stories that your audience will understand, emotionally relate to, and remember. Develop techniques to craft a story arc framework that you can apply to any sell, and take away best practices of how they have been applied to great brands you know and love.


Today, innovation happens in months, not years. Organizations can instantly explode in value or be destroyed and disappear. Undoubtedly, everything that can be digital, will be — which means every industry is impacted by the exponential rate of disruption and the technology that enables it. Those that don't keep up with the pace of change risk obsolescence. How can these companies challenge the status quo and make the necessary changes to secure a better future? In this workshop I will share a simple innovation planning framework to help businesses transform themselves from within and begin to “see beyond the horizon.”

Amy Winger, chief strategy officer, VML

The lone wolf planner is dead. In a world that seems to move faster and faster every single day, no one can know it all, do it all and convince everyone in every room of it all. And that means it’s gut-check time for strategists of all stripes. That’s why we love phrases like “integrated strategy:” Bringing brilliant minds together to solve problems more elegantly than ever. While it’s great in theory and sexy in a capabilities pitch, anyone that’s worked in this type of environment knows that it’s difficult to operationalize. So how have effective teams done it? What roles and requirements are at play? How are boundaries drawn so everyone contributes? What is the discovery process like? In other words, how is strategy owned by everyone equally versus just the smartest person in the room? We intend to share from our experience—the good and the ugly—and provide a few thought-starters for how you can start a collaborative strategic process within your agency.
From this workshop, the attendees will walk away with:

  • Framework to orchestrate collaborative strategy development for the connected consumer journey
  • Skills and perspectives required to holistically understand the consumer in new ways, combining data and human insights
  • Tools to energize high functioning cross-functional teams
  • Tips how to operationalize and optimize the integrated strategy throughout the project lifecycle

Telling Stories with Social Data    
Andrea Ring, CSO, Big Spaceship

At Big Spaceship, we see social as one of the richest sources of consumer and creative insight. But, it's hard to know where to start, how to design a research program that is useful, and what to do with the insights you find when and if you find them! We will look at a few cases of creative social research and then workshop how to design and successfully support your own clients with this type of analysis.