Chief Cultural Strategy Officer
Sparks & Honey

Sarah is a futurist specializing in cultural foresight. She is the Chief Cultural Strategy Officer at Sparks & Honey where she leads the firm’s cultural intelligence and foresight system and team of +20 Cultural Strategists. Prior, she was global Director of Trends and Culture at Publicis.

Sarah is a specialist in the topic of "curiosity, exploration and discovery". She is hired by companies to help build "curious cultures". She is currently researching and writing a book on The Curious Class (techniques to increase your CQ) and will be sharing a sneak peek at the 4As Strategy Summit.
Sarah lived overseas for 20 years in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

She is certified by: the Institute for the Future in Futures Sciences, the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has diplomas from Harvard Business School, Pace University and Bucknell University.
Sarah is an inventor with 3 patents, and a member of the Manhattan Inventor's Association. She specializes in innovative mixed-methodologies - combining data analytics with cultural anthropology, digital archeology, “cultural listening” and “cultural forensics”, using algorithms to quantify “signals” and forecast trends. She is a “superforecaster” with an 83% prediction accuracy.

Sarah is a university lecturer and regularly appears in the media and on TV. She is a member of the World Futures Society. She founded The Gold of Africa Museum in Cape Town, as well as Sibyl (the Female Futures Forum).

Sarah has circumnavigated the globe twice (once by sea, and once by air) and she continues to be a global citizen and cultural explorer, splitting her time between her homes in Harlem, NYC and the Loire Valley, France.


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Sarah DaVanzo