Sarah DaVanzo
Chief Cultural Strategy Officer
Sparks & Honey

Sarah leads Cultural Strategy at Sparks & Honey, Ad Age’s “2014 Agency to Watch." Since she joined Sparks & Honey in 2013, the business quadrupled in revenue, tripled in size and expanded internationally. She is trail-blazing the development of a new marketing specialty called “cultural strategy”, designing methodologies to sync brands with culture. She is a leader in strategic foresight sciences, and designing strategies for brands to use culture as a growth driver.  Prior, Sarah was Director, Trends & Culture at Publicis Kaplan Thaler, following 20 years of various international client/agency roles spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Diplomas: Pace University, Harvard Business School, Bucknell University, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. Trivia: She has 3 patents; She circumnavigated the globe on a ship; She inspired a TV series character in South Africa; She founded the Gold of Africa Museum in Cape Town. Today, Sarah splits her time between her residences in Harlem, NYC and the Loire Valley, France.