About the Leadership Forum:
"One of the best things I've ever participated in via 4A's. Really good info exchange and love the small group format. Outstanding."

"Mark and Ed were both great. Eliza was very helpful - we should have more people who have experienced both sides of the business: client/agency, traditional/digital, comms planning/advertising etc. because these hybrids have a better understanding of what the issues are and how we manage things."

"Excellent sharing of ideas among peers, but also valuable feedback from an 'insider outside,' the client perspective. Also an excellent setup to the theme and flow of ideas
for the rest of the conference."

About the General Session:
"Presenters were meaty. Lots of details."

"Amazing speakers."

"Incredibly inspiring and small enough to allow for real conversations among attendees."

About the Workshops:
"Loved the workshop!"

"Amazing leader and amazing learnings! I've already implemented them into our everyday life back at the agency."

"Excellent energy from facilitator. Interesting approach to planning."