Monday Morning
10:30 - 12:30
Concurrent Workshops


How to Plan Successful Campaigns in a Mobile-First World
Jeff Tan, SVP Strategy, Posterscope, Dentsu Aegis Network

Consumers have become mobile-first a while ago and many companies have embraced a truly mobile-first proposition. However, the more traditional brands are often still stuck in their ‘old world’ media plans and planning routines.

What are the steps that planners and businesses need to go through to plan successful campaigns in a mobile-first world? This workshop will take you through three areas:

1. Understanding the Mobile Consumer
Consumer are increasingly mobile. What do our mobile habits reveal about ourselves?

2. The Location Marketing Opportunity
Think beyond the banner. What channels opportunities does our mobile-first world provide? We explore OOH Location marketing opportunities that leverage the digital and mobile technologies including dynamic content and programmatic DOOH.

3. The Future of Location Marketing
We examine key trends and predictions in the location marketing space

5 Steps to Your Winning Social Medai Strategy
Gemma Craven, SVP, Director of Social and Mobile, McCann

The social layer of brand strategy is a vital connection point in today's people-powered digital world and an important way to create meaningful experiences for consumers. This session will explore the 5 key stages of building social strategy, working through a proven methodology, sharing key frameworks, tools, methodologies and examples to help you truly break through and achieve great results in social media strategy.

Craft A Story To Sell Your Idea
Nancie Ruder, President, Noetic Consultants

When presenting a new idea or initiative, the sell is just as important as the initiative itself. A well-crafted and carefully articulated narrative is critical for successful approval and adoption. In this workshop, learn how to present content in the form of convincing stories that your audience will understand, emotionally relate to, and remember. Develop techniques to craft a story arc framework that you can apply to any sell, and take away best practices of how they have been applied to great brands you know and love.

Agile Planning: Infinite Iteration
Lee MaiconChief Strategy Officer, 360i
Brent VartanManaging Partner, Bullish

Join Brent and Lee where they left off at last year's Strategy Festival as they - humbly - attempt to enroll the attendees of this year's session in a mission to make not just planning, but the application of creativity just as dynamic as the world in which it is needed.

Mikaila's Ambition to Save the Bees
Mikaila UlmerFounder & CEOMe & the Bees Lemonade
Adrian BarrowTeam One’s Legacy Lab
Nicole CestaroTeam One’s Legacy Lab

Mikaila Ulmer has nurtured her company from its humble beginnings as a lemonade stand in her hometown of Austin to a nationally distributed brand on the shelves of Whole Foods and Starbucks. But above and beyond making lemonade, Mikaila has dedicated her life and legacy in the making to saving the bees. 

As an 11-year-old social entrepreneur, Mikaila has proven that people don’t just buy what you make but what you believe. Now, in continuing her noble quest, she is launching Healthy Hive, a foundation dedicated to preventing the collapse of honeybee colonies worldwide.

Join Mikaila and Team One’s Legacy Lab to learn how to define an ambition and launch a business that is built to last. Workshop attendees will apply their learnings by brainstorming how Healthy Hive can successfully educate, fundraise, mobilize, and inspire — all in the name of saving the bees.



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