EVP - Strategic Solutions

Jane is the EVP of the Strategic Solutions team at Zenith, a dedicated team of senior level strategists whose function is to develop thought leadership, identify innovations and develop insights.  She brings her innate curiosity, brand planning skills and consumer first thinking to every role she holds. Jane focuses on the consumer insights that make emotional connections possible and the media and content best suited to making those connections.  Her depth of knowledge is vast and built from an eclectic career which has touched almost every industry from Beauty to Telco. She has worked in creative agencies, media agencies and independent consulting roles.

Jane specializes in creating provocative and engaging presentations bringing deep, strategic insight to and highlighting the opportunities for innovation in the context of future trends. 
The understanding Jane brings to her clients and audiences is a rare blend of reality-based thinking coupled with a visualization of the world ahead; relating the next communication trend in terms of the driving forces behind the trends, the evolving attitudes and human conditions, the idiosyncrasies that can be leveraged, and the implications for both clients and consumers.

Using straight-forward language and story-telling, Jane brings the future to life for her audiences; helping them understand how to find opportunity in innovation, differentiation, and value creation.

Along the way, Jane became a master team builder, bringing together disparate groups and individuals to create a stronger whole, including media, creative, and PR teams, knocking down the walls between partner agencies to create a collaborative approach to achieving her client’s goals.

Overall Jane is a self-proclaimed “next thing junky,” always ready for the next challenge, innovation or puzzle to be solved. 

Jane has appeared on CNN and her consumer insights have been featured in WWD, The Washington Post, Adweek and various trade publications.



  Jane Lacher      

Jane Lacher