Emma Cookson
Brand Consultant and Co-Founder
Straight Up

Emma is a branding & brand communication strategist who rose to lead the US office of one of the world's most revered creative agencies, BBH.  With exemplary poor timing, she transitioned in 2007 from BBH's Global Head of Strategic Planning to the role of New York CEO (and subsequently Chairman), and as a result found herself trying to master the full spectrum of operational, financial and organizational leadership skills just as a global economic meltdown kicked in. Ever the masochist, she then
re-assumed the CEO role on an interim basis in mid-2013 after a series of business disruptions led to turnover of most of the agency leadership team.

Having left BBH in early 2015, Emma's currently working as a brand consultant for both start-up and larger companies whilst exploring her next move. In her spare time (ha!), she coaches current and emerging female leaders and in 2013 co-founded Straight Up, an organization of female ad industry executives committed to supporting up-and-coming female leaders and helping to redress the industry's gender imbalance.